Jane B Gibson R.M.S, H.S.

Professional Artist and Miniaturist

About Me

I have lived and worked in Kirkcudbright most of my life and have gained a reputation for high quality of work in a wide range of styles, subjects and mediums to interest the most demanding appreciators of fine art. My main objective is to produce good paintings which will stand the test of time. Whilst my aim, generally, is to capture a sense of time and place in my work, the paintings also have to be good enough for a second look.

I have developed my work using a variety of mediums and styles to suit the subject matter. I particularly enjoy creating images in soft pastel and in oil and watercolour.

I am currently the only Scot who has achieved full membership to both the Hilliard Society of Miniature Painters and the Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers (RMS) who actually lives and works in Scotland. I exhibit nationally and internationally every year and I’ve also won some awards on the way.

Time stands still when I am working. I am completely absorbed in moment. Where large paintings give some latitude to composition, miniatures are unforgiving of the least mistake: a tolerance of even a millimetre is hardly permitted. Painting miniatures demands self-discipline. The physical control necessary, to keep absolutely still while working, can be very tiring.

I do not only paint miniatures. I love to paint landscapes, still lifes and pets, working mainly in oil on ivorine for miniature work, and oil on canvas, watercolour and soft pastel for much larger work. There are no limits to what I may achieve in future.

Scotland used to lead the world in ‘Miniatures’, but although this fine art is alive and well globally, Scottish galleries now show little or no interest. It is my ambition to bring ‘Miniatures’ back to Scotland, and I hope to take part in more exhibitions in the region over the next few years.

In addition to my own work, I enjoy the challenge of commissions; which can include most subjects: landscapes, still life, and portraiture of children and animals in miniature or in larger format.

I am passionate about painting. I paint to live, and live to paint!



Born in Smithton, Tasmania, to Scottish Parents, I moved to Kirkcudbright when I was nearly five years old. Here I attended primary schools and Kirkcudbright Academy.

I trained to teach Art and Geography in Newcastle before deciding to concentrate on Art, full time. I completed a foundation year in Art at Carlisle College of Art and Design, followed by a BA(Hons) degree at Norwich School of Art. Norwich was the only venue in the country to offer wildlife illustration as part of the Graphic Design course.

My love for illustration led me to study Fashion and Textiles. I worked as an illustrator and designer in Norwich.

I decided to return to Kirkcudbright in 1981, for a year, to paint as a full time occupation. Demand for my work encouraged me to stay. I am still working from my home and studio in Kirkcudbright.

In 1984, I was elected artist in residence to the Dorothy L. Sayers Society, painting the Coat of Arms of Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey in the form of pendants, brooches and paperweights, which are sent all over the world to members.

I attended my first exhibition at the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers (R.M.S.) in 1995. Following subsequent successful exhibitions of my Miniature paintings, I was elected an associate member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers in 1998 and elected a full member in 2001. I was elected a full member of the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists (H.S.) in 1998.