Jane B Gibson R.M.S, H.S.

Professional Artist and Miniaturist

Commissioning a Work

A great deal of my work is carried out to commission. This Work can vary in size from small miniatures to large oils on canvas.

Family Portraits

A considerable number of my requests are for child portrait miniatures, with occasional full size paintings.

Pet Portraits

My pet portraits are always very popular, again both as full size paintings and as miniatures.


It is best to begin a painting by a visit to the location where I can best establish both the thoughts of my customer, and envisage a completed work.


I work only with the highest quality materials and, once completed, I can arrange to have your painting mounted and framed to suit your individual preferences. You can make your own arrangements if you so desire.

Commissioning an Art Work

An essential part of the service I provide is that I spend time discussing your exact requirements with you and ensure that we both understand what will be produced. I will always provide you with a detailed price quote before carrying out any commissioned work for you. The example on this page can be varied to suit the needs of most commission work. The attention I give to detail makes each individual commission a unique and exclusive work of art.


Prices range greatly depending on many things, including the medium to be used, the agreed size of the painting, and the time taken to complete it. Additionally, I am able to have the painting suitably mounted and framed. Portraits range from £350 to £500, whilst large landscape views in oil may cost up to £1500. I can also produce some simpler works at reduced cost.



Dog Portrait Commission (In oil – 24″ x 20″)

  1. I like to meet the dog. A visit to your home may be possible, but I prefer to have the dog in my studio. A portrait may also be composed from photographs.
  2. The portrait is planned and a price is calculated for the completed work.
  3. A small deposit must be paid before the work is commenced.
  4. If the dog can be brought to the studio, then several sittings will be arranged as required..
  5. After completion, an appropriate frame will be decided on.
  6. Full payment will only be required on collection.
  7. 6 -12 months later I will have the portrait varnished (free of charge).