Jane B Gibson R.M.S, H.S.

Professional Artist and Miniaturist

Dorothy L Sayers Society

I am Artist in Residence to the Dorothy L Sayers Society. Dorothy had strong links with Kirkcudbright and the surrounding area as she visited here a lot Her book ‘Five Red Herrings’ was set here in the artists colony.

There are two images especially associated with Dorothy L Sayers, ie the Coat of Arms of Lord Peter Wimsey which is in the form of three white mice and a cadency mark, and the arms of Harriet Vane’s family which is in the form of a gold cockerel with 5 stars. The original design was by the late Wilfrid Scott-Giles.

Shown here is a selection from the items I produce. Each is decorated with individually painted little signed miniatures in watercolour and are available mail-order. Presentation boxes come with most items. Post and packing is extra at cost. Please contact me for a quote before sending off any payments. Some items are now no longer available from my supplier.

Dorothy L Sayers Items For Sale
Items Cost
54mm round paperweight (boxed) LPW & HV £20.00
72mm round paperweight (boxed) LPW & HV £25.00
92mm x 60mm oval paperweight (boxed) LPW & HV £25.00
Deluxe Sterling silver and 22ct gold gilt frames £60.00 each
Silver plated brooch – LPW £15.00
Gold Gilt Brooch – HV £15.00
Gold Gilt Brooch – HV £15.00
Printed Cards LPW + HV £2.00 each
Special presentation cases are also available, for special gifts.
– Lord Peter Wimsey.
– Harriet Vane.

Dorothy L Sayers Society Collection
The Coat of Arms of Lord  Peter Wimsey, Dorothy L Sayers Society