Jane B Gibson R.M.S, H.S.

Professional Artist and Miniaturist

Media & Styles

Painting is about communication, inspiration and revelation. I approach each subject individually, considering the various mediums available to interpret the subject to its best advantage. The techniques and mediums which may be ideal for one subject are not always suitable for another.

Over the years I have gained much experience in the use of many materials; in pastel, oil and watercolour, and in pencil, pen and ink, and charcoal. They can also be used in many combinations where subtlety is the key.

Soft Pastel

I have a passion for soft pastel. It is instant, will never fade, and will keep it’s freshness for decades. The colours I use are vibrant, full of strength, and coupled with a fluidity and responsiveness which allows me a build up of subtle effects, add a mystical quality not achievable with any other medium. I find pastel combines the pleasure of paint and pencil with the precision of colour and line.

Oil Paint

Oil paint is very flexible, and can be handled in a variety of ways. I enjoy its use when fine detail is required both for large canvases and fine-art miniatures.



Watercolour is delicate and gentle on the eye. I also find that its use can provide me with precision in fine detail, with a similar refinement to that achieved with oil.

Pencil, Pen, Ink, charcoal

By using pencil, pen and ink, and charcoal, I am able to extend and enlarge upon the qualities and effects achieved, especially when used in combination with other materials.