Jane B Gibson R.M.S, H.S.

Professional Artist and Miniaturist


‘Little gems to be held in the hand close to the heart.’

The Hilliard Society states that generally a fine-art miniatures should not be larger than 5″ x 7″ inclusive of framing and that portrait heads should be no larger than 2 inches. Subjects of any sort should be less than life size. Every detail of the work should be miniaturised, showing a high standard of design and mastery of technique in chosen media and palette. A miniature needs all the same criteria of good composition, drawing and use of media as larger work.

My fine-art miniatures are unique little works of art. Highly detailed, even the physical control to keep very still with each brushstroke is very demanding, and peace and quiet is essential to let my work unfold. Each is a treasure to behold, giving everlasting joy to those fortunate enough own one.

I have delighted in fine-art miniatures all my life. I have been a full member of The Hilliard Society of Miniaturists (H.S.) since 1998. Following successful submissions over consecutive years to the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers (R.M.S.) I was very privileged to be elected as full member in 2002.

During the summer of 2000 I represented my country at the 2nd World Federation of Miniature Art in Hobart, Tasmania, the land of my birth, and in November of that year I was awarded the second highest honour in miniature painting at the Royal Miniature Society Exhibition in London – The Gold Bowl Honourable Mention.


I produce a variety of fine-art miniatures detailing many subjects including wildlife, flower studies and landscapes. I am regularly commissioned to carry out portraiture work, especially of children and of favourite pets.

Although I carry out miniature work in a variety of mediums, I have found that oil on ivorine is suited for most subjects. Ivorine is a man-made substitute for ivory, once the traditional base for miniatures. Sizes range from pendants of 1” x 1½” to 22ct. gold frames 4” x 3”, and silhouette frames 5” x 7”, many specially selected to suit each individual customer. Vellum, polymin and bristol board can also be used.